New Marla Franchisee is off to a flying start!

Marla Custom Blinds are delighted to welcome our latest franchisee to the Marla franchise family. Mike McBryde launched the Marla Meopham Kent franchise in June 2018 and, thanks to a very successful launch campaign, has already created over £60,000 of quotes. Given that this new business alone has the potential to generate a gross profit of around £27,000, it’s no wonder that Mike is smiling! We know that the launch phase of a new franchise is critical to its ongoing success, so we work closely with all our new franchisees to ensure that they hit the ground running. To give you a better idea of what’s involved, here’s an overview of the 4 stage launch campaign process we implemented in conjunction with Mike.

Stage 1: Local Research

Mike started by researching potential marketing opportunities in his area. These included:

  • Local press, magazines and directories

  • Exhibition areas such as shopping malls and garden centres

  • Sponsorship opportunities such as local sports teams

Stage 2: Campaign Creation

Prior to Mike’s initial training he met with us at our franchise head office here in Fareham to review the results of his research and share his conclusions on which opportunities would give him the best return. During his time with us, we also finalised:

  • The design of a bespoke promotional postcard

  • The design for his personal franchise web page

  • The initial content of his Facebook and Google Adwords PPC campaigns

Stage 3: Franchise Launch

Timing they say is everything. That’s why, as with all our franchisees, we scheduled MIke’s press and online advertising campaigns to start at the beginning of the week that Mike was on his initial training. This ensured that sales leads were already coming in by the time Mike had completed his course. We also scheduled a local postcard drop to start as soon as Mike was back in his area.

Stage 4: Monitoring and Tweaking

Online “pay-per-click advertising” can be extremely valuable when done correctly, but it can burn up lots of money for little reward if poorly done. As a Marla Custom Blinds Franchisee, Mike received expert support from Bold Internet, our Google Adwords partner. They optimised the effectiveness of Mike’s Google Adwords campaigns by monitoring the campaign analytics and tweaking the advert keywords and wording for maximum impact. Our own in-house support team also helped by monitoring Mike’s Facebook campaigns, Google Analytics and Lead sources.

Next Steps: Once this three-month launch campaign period is finished, then Mike simply takes it over and keep it going himself or, to expand it further depending on the results.

This professionally-managed marketing campaign cost Mike £3500 but, given its success to date, I am sure that you will agree with Mike in that it was money well spent!