Reasons to outsource your franchise recruitment

Franchise SuperMatch understands the stress and financial burden finding the right franchisees, that’s why we launched, our aim is to assist those franchises that have the potential to be successful but lack that franchise recruitment experience to ensure that both the offering is on point and that you are approaching prospective franchisees correctly.

10 reasons to outsource your franchise recruitment

  1. Outsourcing allows, you, the franchisor time to develop and concentrate on your core business

  2. We offer a personal recruitment service where we will meet any interested parties personally to ensure they meet the franchisors criteria as a future franchisee

  3. All franchisors are provided with a monthly report for full transparency, this will detail as to how and where the lead status is and moving forward

  4. The reassurance of knowing you have a lead recruiter with over 20 years’ experience within the franchise industry, both as a franchisee and a franchise recruitment manager - this has proven to be a very successful formula having experience of being on both sides of the fence

  5. To improve efficiency

  6. To save unneeded costs (average cost of a franchise recruitment manager is £30,000 + company car, and expenses)

  7. To provide a higher return on investment

  8. Increased speed of delivery of franchisees

  9. Increased management time, SuperMatch comes with dedicated personnel that have a wealth of experience and the expansion of your business is our only goal

  10. Increased efficiency and flexibility.

So, if you are looking for;

  • An experienced franchise recruiter with a successfully track record with a number of franchises in varying sectors

  • An experienced call handler to initially touch basis with all enquiries post CRM

  • An experienced franchise marketing team that have an extensive background in designing appealing copy for print, social media and online.

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