John's Top 10 tips on why you should consider outsourcing Franchise Recruitment

John heads up the Franchise SuperMatch lead handling division, and for him experience is everything.

“I’ve been involved in establishing businesses and franchising since the age of 21, initially setting up two successful businesses before purchasing my own franchise that witnessed fantastic growth before selling at a big profit. I was then invited by the franchisor to help recruit and mentor new franchisees, which I thoroughly enjoyed as I have the benefit of being on both sides, I was once in their shoes purchasing a franchise and they can relate to my experiences and what due diligence/ research I undertook before realising that I was good fit”

“Good fits are everything, anyone can recruit anyone off the streets with the right funds available, but that’s not what we’re interested in at SuperMatch, and this is something we pride ourselves on.

We’re not just developing the franchise network but forging relationships with the franchisor and potential franchisee and this can only work if you accept the correct prospects. It’s ultimately our reputation on the line when we’re exclusively recruiting and I’m proud to say that we have never jeopardised a franchise network by recruiting the wrong candidate.”


10 reasons why you should outsource your franchise recruitment:

1) Outsourcing allows the franchisor time to develop and concentrate on their core business.

2) Outsourcing offers a personal recruitment service where the team will meet any interested party personally, to ensure they meet the franchisors criteria as a prospective franchisee.

3) All franchisors are provided with a monthly report for full transparency as to how and where the lead status is and moving forward.

4) To improve efficiency.

5) To cut costs (cheaper than a full time member of staff).

6) The reassurance of knowing you have a lead recruiter that has over 17 years’ experience within the franchise industry, both originally as a franchisee and then as a franchise recruitment manager. This has proven to be a highly successful formula, possessing experience of being on both sides of the fence.

7) To provide a Higher return on investment.

8) Increased speed on delivery of franchisees.

9) Increased management time.

10) Increased efficiency and flexibility.