Tell me more about the Mould Doctor Franchise....

Business type: Cleaning & Sales

Investment level: £17,000

What is Mould Doctor and what services does it provide?

Mould Doctor was formed in 2009 by Geoff Melton and Graham Stark as part of their existing property maintenance and decorating company where the problems of mould in the home became apparent. The team investigated providing permanent eradication treatments for both interior and exterior applications. Mould Doctor was established following a period of extensive research, product formulation and treatment methods to ensure the most effective treatment for this serious problem.

Mould Doctor operates across the public and private sectors and private homeowners also represent a growing proportion of the business. Our market potential is huge, and we want the right people to share our potential. Having been established for over 10 years, we have cemented our place as one of the UK’s leading specialists in mould eradication. We have set up a business model that can be easily replicated within exclusive territories with the option to use exclusive Mould Doctor products that offer a guarantee to eradicate mould.

How does the Mould Doctor franchise model work?

Our system of diagnosis, treatment, education and prevention is proven in thousands of properties with an almost faultless success rate. Our team of experts can evaluate the different circumstances occurring in a property and provide a bespoke solution of treatment and recommendations to our client. Our franchisees initially undertake surveys, present the findings and then deliver the treatment.

What locations or territories is Mould Doctor looking to operate in?

Mould Doctor currently have franchises operating within the following franchise territories;

  • Devon & Cornwall

  • Leeds, Harrogate & York

  • Lincolnshire & East Midlands

  • Kent

We have territories available nationwide!

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Why is Mould Doctor a good investment?

  • A Business that is experiencing a typical gross profit of 78%!

  • The support from the dedicated Mould Doctor Head Office staff, including national sales, marketing and call handling support.

  • Realistic earnings of over £40,000 within the first year of trading.

  • Join a network that has experienced quarter on quarter sales increases for the franchisees

  • A 5-year agreement, with the right to renew for a further 5

  • Franchisees experiencing a 99.9% customer satisfaction status

  • A sector that is now driven by government legislation (Please see below )

  • A Management Franchise Opportunity that has the potential to expand!

  • Mould Doctor branded chemicals exclusively developed for the Mould doctor franchise network

  • 5 year guarantee on all Mould treatments carried out due to research and development invested by Mould Doctor now provides piece of mind for our clients.

  • Exclusive territory

Where in the UK is the franchise based?

The Mould Doctor Head Office and Pilot franchise is based in Lincolnshire, and in 2018 it surpassed the figure of 6,000 properties that it had dealt with mould within. The Pilot franchise proved how successful the Mould Doctor concept could be as a franchised model.

All enquiries will be passed through the head office through to the individual franchise territories and it is here where the initial franchise training takes place. Business Development training will also take place within the individual franchisee territory as well.

What support and training do franchisees receive?

All franchisees that join the Mould Doctor network will receive extensive training and ongoing support throughout their tenure within the network. This will include the following;

  • Initial 5 days training at our head office and on-site

  • 5 days training at your home base

  • On-going telesales support

  • In house call handling

  • On -going technical and operations support

  • To receive a franchise mentor for the first 3 months this can be extended if required

What are the Mould Doctor franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

The Mould Doctor franchise agreement is based upon a 5 year licence that has the option to be renewable after each 5 year term.

How in-demand is Mould Eradication right now?

There were 26.4 million households in the UK in 2016 which means for Mould Doctor an almost inexhaustible number of potential treatment jobs. Mould is not dependent on the appearance of a home and however nice a property may appear from the outside, mould can be a hidden problem. It can attack the largest of grand country houses to back-to-back terraces, so the size of the market is huge.

Mould Doctor has been called out to over 6,000 homes in the last 6 years within a population area of 80,000 homes ….. In short, extremely in-demand!

The Buck bill was approved in January 2018.

“(1) In a contract to which this section applies for the letting of a house for human habitation there is implied, notwithstanding any stipulation to the contrary:-

(a) a condition that the house is fit for human habitation at the commencement of the tenancy, and (b) an undertaking that the house will be kept by the landlord fit for human habitation during the tenancy”

The accepted stats are that between two and a half to three million people live in properties with hazards rated as Category 1 under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, meaning there are conditions within those properties that present a serious risk to the health and safety of the occupants.

But don’t the council prosecute for building standards?

Yes, they do but the Buck Bill will allow tenants to take out private prosecutions against landlords whose properties don’t meet the mark, and the HHSRS is prosecuted by the council so councils as landlords aren’t covered because you can’t sue yourself. This means there’s a huge demand for mould eradication within every territory of the UK

How can I get started on setting up my own business?

Please call John Brooks on 07864 647045 or email to receive a copy of our franchise prospectus and arrange a an exploratory informal meeting at a place and time to suit.

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